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Jerusalem! The ancient Biblical city full of incredible history.  Jerusalem is most holy site for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.  I paid for a tour of the city and our first stop was at a vantage point along the Jericho Road with an excellent view of the entire city including the iconic Dome of the Rock – the Islamic shrine with its entire roof covered in pure gold which was built centuries ago.  We checked out some nearby stony, centuries old caverns, before making our way toward the walled city.

Sunrise in Souda Bay.


Chania, Crete, Greece rests on the site of Kydonia, one of the most important cities of the ancient world and conquered many times over by Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Turks. Our ship docked at dawn and I made my way to a secluded vantage point to enjoy the still waters and clean air as I …