I went back to the states where I had to settle my dear mothers’ estate and ended up moving my remaining belongings to the oceanfront at Virginia Beach, Virginia. Eventually, the travel bug bit me again so I headed back to Europe after promising to show my brother around Germany and my sister around Italy.  I flew out of BWI via Iceland and got the chance to fly for nearly three full hours in the Northern Lights (the Aurora borealis). After spending some time back in Frankfurt, Germany, I decided to go visit the most intact medieval city in all of Europe…Bruges, Belgium.  My journey to Bruges was somewhat eventful due to a bomb threat at the train station and the stabbing of multiple police officers in Brussels that caused major delays throughout Belgium. I chose to stay in hotel Jan Brito, just off the Market Square. The hotel was picturesque with exposed wooden beams, friendly staff, vitamin C and aromatherapy infused steam showers and excellent breakfast offerings.  During my first night in Bruges, I took a short walk and was awe-struck at the beauty of Bruges in the crisp fall air..

As I walked the streets the next day, I couldn’t help but notice the seemingly endless bounty of inviting café’s. Eateries of every kind beckoned anyone with the slightest hunger or whim into warm surroundings and tastes to tempt any craving.

Bruges is a friendly, easily walkable, picturesque and romantic city; filled with inviting people and many unique eateries.