Backpack Benji

Czech out Prague…..

I consoled my map and decided next to journey to the Czech Republic.  I arrived in Prague and checked into Hotel Chopin in Old Town.  I settled in and had begun to explore the city when I met a local girl.  When she realized I had just arrived and had been travelling all over, she was excited to act as my tour guide.  She took me to Wenceslas Square in the heart of New Town, and through Old Town over the river Vltava.  I walked through the mysterious Jewish Ghetto and to the Lesser Quarter.  We went to the Prague castle after strolling through Petrin Park, (near where “Jason Bourne” woke up in The Bourne Identity) and climbed to the top of the Petrin tower for an amazing view of the beautiful city.

We took the old castle stairs, the same stairs that Tom Cruise rode down in the motorcycle scene from Mission Impossible and arrived in the Old Town square just in time to watch the astronomical clock strike.

Prague is filled with hidden treasures below the streets.  There are undergrounds from the 12th century with corridors and rooms up to two floors below the ground where a thousand years ago Knights Templar gathered, medieval alchemy was practiced, and secret societies conspired.

At nights end, we visited the Charles Bridge and allowed the spectacular waterfront panorama to reveal its splendor.  Prague is a beautiful city bursting with old history and new energy.

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