After a day in Capri, we continued our stay in laid-back Sorrento.  We explored the charming city, which is always so warm and inviting. Some of the best wines in the world can be found here for remarkably cheap prices and the olives come straight from the trees and will be the best you’ve ever tasted – never canned or preserved.  The entire city is built on cliffs so views from the city edge are spectacular.  There are lots of scooters puttering around and everyone can’t help but be at ease.  Coffee bars and outdoor seating spots are around every corner, as are the smells of fresh seafood and Italian fare. Sorrento is filled with lemon groves and the locals make all sorts of lemon products including soaps, candies, and the most famous export: Limoncello, a very popular lemon liqueur.


While in Sorrento, we enjoyed some great Italian food…

After our days in Sorrento, we took a hydrofoil up the coastline and into the port of Naples, where after a bit of trouble, we found our hotel.  We ventured to L’ Antica Pizzeria da Michele, made famous by Julia Roberts in the movie Eat, Pray, Love and known as the birthplace of pizza.  The wait is always long (30-60 minutes) and the offerings are few, but it is arguably the best pizza in the world.  We traipsed around old Napoli and watched the sun set from the roof top patio on our hotel.

My sister left the next morning for the States, and I headed back to Rome where I boarded the Celebrity Constellation for a twelve day cruise.  The first stop was right back into the port of Naples.  I made a friend onboard and had fun showing her Naples, and we backtracked the boat trip I had made mere days earlier down to Sorrento.  This was officially my fifth time to Naples and my fourth time to Sorrento.  In Sorrento, I have a “go to” spot and this time was no different.  I cozied in to an outdoor chair at my favorite place to sit and watch the world go by…The Fuano Bar. I hooked up to Wi-Fi and pointed my friend in the direction of the shopping district while I sat for hours, soaking up the sun, food, and warm Italian culture.  We met back up and cruised along the coast, into the port of Naples where after over a month on the road and living out of my backpack, I was happy to be relaxing in the same room for the next several days.