Through the bay on the southern edge of Naples there lies an “Island of Dreams”.

From Firenze (Florence), we made our way down to the seaside town of Sorrento. From there, we chartered a small boat from Marina di Puolo to take us across the Gulf of Naples into the Tyrrhenian Sea and around the Isle of Capri.  We sailed past the Heart Grotto, a sea cave that seems to have a heart carved into its walls by nature and time.  We then sailed past the Punta Carena Lighthouse, an active lighthouse that operates from dusk to dawn.  Next up was the shallow waters of the White Grotto, yet another of the magnificent scenic caves along Capri’s rocky coast.  We then anchored our boat and went for a swim before having an onboard snack.

A faraglioni is an oceanic rock edifice that has been eroded by waves over time to create a stacked rock formation.  Just off of the Capri coast are three named faraglioni: Stella, Mezzo, and Scopolo.  We sailed out to these iconic formations and rode through the stone archway at the base of Mezzo before checking out the Blue Grotto.

Capri is an idyllic resort island overlooking the Sorrento Peninsula. After a morning on and in the water, we docked in Marina Grande.  We then made our way up the funicular to La Piazzetta, the heart of the islands shopping and nightlife area. Capri is one of the loveliest towns in all of Italy.  We spent several hours on the island, exploring all we could, before returning to out boat and sailing around the rest of the island and to Anacapri on the other side of the island.  We then made our way back to the mainland as we watched the sun set over the sea.

It was a beautiful day on the Italian Coast and I highly recommend a tour of Capri from either Naples or Sorrento when you are in Southern Italy.  Truly, an “Island of Dreams.”