Life Before Extensive Travel…

After growing up in smalltown Virginia where my dad was a professor, I graduated with a B.S. in Communications and went to work in sales. I was also in the military where I served as an Infantry squad leader and later became a Master Recruiter. After my selection as the Recruiter of the Year, I went back to school and graduated with a second B.S. in Clinical Psychology and worked as a Recruiting Manager and later as the Operations Manager of the Exercises & Experimentation Division of the Joint Force Headquarters – VA. I completed my military service and obtained an M.B.A in Business & Finance.  I then went to work for the Federal Government where I oversaw a district of financial institutions as regulator.  In 2016 I was honored to be one of three inductees to the Business Hall of Fame at my MBA alma mater Southwestern College.


I love to cook and play the piano. I also love to travel. I have been to almost all of the CONUS states.  Prior to starting my blog, I visited the countries of Germany, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Jamaica, Haiti, Canada, Vatican City, Mexico, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Panama, Bahamas, Tajikistan, Portugal, and Italy.

The Tragedies That Changed My Life:

Dana (I called her sweet pea) was my wife of over twenty years.  She passed away unexpectedly so I moved to be closer to my mother who tragically passed away less than nine months after my wife. I decided to take a strategic pause. I realized that the greatest tragedy of my life had perhaps prepared me for the greatest adventure of my life. I downsized and moved to life on the road, leaving my home and starting anew. This site is my story.