As a former long-term military member, I’ve had the privilege of enjoying a special benefit—being able to fly on military aircraft wherever the U.S. military has space available. This incredible opportunity has allowed me to embark on unique journeys, including military-chartered commercial flights and even cargo flights on massive transport planes.

To utilize this exceptional benefit, I reach out to military airlift command posts at my desired departure locations. Through these contacts, I inquire about outbound flights, their destinations, and the availability of seats. This process grants me access to a range of travel options, allowing me to fly to various destinations around the world where the U.S. military operates.

Throughout my travels, I’ve had the opportunity to board military-chartered commercial flights to and from captivating European destinations like Italy, Germany, and Spain. These flights, arranged specifically for military personnel, offer a unique perspective on air travel, providing a sense of camaraderie as a veteran among current military members.

One particularly memorable experience involved boarding a colossal C-5 transport plane bound for Germany carrying a tank and other equipment. The vast interior of the aircraft accommodated not only military equipment and supplies but also a group of fortunate passengers, including my wife and myself. The flight crew had ingeniously brought along hammocks, providing a comfortable and unconventional sleeping arrangement during the long journey.

Following this second extended stay of over 90 days in Europe, I flew on the trip back home on a C-17 cargo flight. The interior of the C-17 offered a glimpse into the world of military logistics and operations. As we embarked on the journey, the flight crew efficiently set up their hammocks, creating a makeshift sleeping area in the cargo hold. Witnessing this resourcefulness highlighted the adaptability and versatility of military personnel.  Being securely nestled in a web seat, gazing at the surroundings, was an adventure in itself—a perspective few have the chance to experience.

The opportunity to travel on military aircraft provides an extraordinary vantage point, immersing travelers in a world intertwined with military operations. From witnessing the intricate logistics of transporting personnel and equipment to experiencing the camaraderie among fellow military passengers, each flight presents a unique perspective and a chance to connect with the military community.

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    Nancy Wenzel says:

    Very cool! You are such an adventurer! Enjoy your life!❤️

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