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Bathed in sunlight.

Thrilling Adventures: From Frankfurt’s Energy to Berlin’s History and Warsaw’s Flavors.

My journey next took me to three cities I had visited before. After a single night stay, where I enjoyed traditional German fare at the Gasthaus zum Hirsch in Kriftel, I first found myself in the bustling city of Frankfurt.  I had the opportunity to attend an InterNations networking function through a LinkedIn connection. It …

Krakow’s Treasures and Auschwitz’s Testimony.

From Warsaw I travelled to Southern Poland, stopping at the same locomotive station depicted in the first scene of Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” film as my train slowed into Krakow. I checked into a historical hotel in Old Town Krakow near the well-preserved medieval core of the ancient city. This city (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a true gem with …