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Beyond the Sea: Galley Tour of the Celebrity Constellation.

I was in the midst of a twelve-night Mediterranean cruise, sailing from Rome to Athens aboard one of the renowned Millennium-class Celebrity cruise ships and had the opportunity to partake in a behind-the-scenes galley tour—an exclusive glimpse into the heart of the ship’s culinary operations. With a capacity to accommodate 2,170 passengers and a dedicated …

In the bay.

From Cliffs to Pizzerias: Unveiling Sorrento and Naples’ Riviera Thrills.

After our enchanting day on the Isle of Capri, we continued our stay in the laid-back coastal town of Sorrento. This charming city, always warm and inviting, beckoned us to explore its captivating streets. Sorrento is renowned for offering some of the world’s finest wines at remarkably affordable prices. We couldn’t resist indulging in the …