Welcome to Jakarta, a city where the modern pulse of urban life harmonizes with the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture. In this bustling metropolis, I embarked on a journey filled with culinary adventures, cultural discoveries, and the resonant calls to prayer echoing through the air.


My first culinary exploration led me to a familiar sight: McDonald’s. However, the menu here showcased a delightful array of local twists on fast food. From the spicy rendang burger to the tantalizing salted egg fries, the offerings at Jakarta’s McDonald’s showcased the city’s vibrant culinary creativity.  The stark contrast between Jakarta’s McDonald’s and its Western counterparts was striking. It wasn’t just about the food; it was an immersion into the local palate, where traditional Indonesian flavors seamlessly blended with the global fast-food experience.

As I ventured through the city, the sonorous call to prayer became an ever-present melody. With approximately 87% of the population being Muslim, the call to prayer resonated from majestic mosques to the bustling streets, weaving spirituality into the fabric of daily life.  The call to prayer, known as Adhan, became a poignant reminder of Jakarta’s cultural identity. Its echoes served not only as a call to worship but also as a backdrop to the city’s vibrant and diverse landscape.

In the heart of Jakarta, a visit to Roti Bakar Eddy promised a journey into the world of Indonesian toast delights. Trying roti, a traditional toasted bread, became an experience in savoring the simplicity and richness of Indonesian culture.  Roti Bakar Eddy was a culinary gem, serving up an array of tantalizing toast variations. From sweet chocolate and cheese to savory rendang-filled toasts, each bite was a flavorful ode to the artistry of Indonesian traditions.

As I left Jakarta, the city’s eclectic blend of modernity and tradition lingered in my senses. From the diverse flavors of McDonald’s to the soul-stirring calls to prayer and the delightful simplicity of Roti Bakar Eddy, Jakarta had unfolded its layers like a well-worn map. It was a journey where culinary surprises met cultural revelations, leaving me with memories as rich and varied as the vibrant streets of this Indonesian gem.

From my hotel to the airport.

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