In addition to the amazing street food and local flavors, Bangkok is home to thousands of restaurants from every country imaginable, creating never-ending choices for a foodie like me, and a treat for any food enthusiast. Whether dining with friends or savoring the experience solo, my quest for unique flavors led me to some remarkable restaurants that left an indelible mark on my taste buds. Join me as I recount some exquisite dishes from Vaso, Tim HoWan, Kams Chinese Restaurant, and the curry-eating spectacle at Gold Curry.

Vaso: A Symphony of Spanish Flavors:

My international culinary adventure began at Vaso, a Spanish tapas bar that transported me to the heart of Spain. The Caramelized Slow-Cooked Wagyu Short Ribs stole the show with its melt-in-your-mouth perfection, showcasing culinary finesse that left an unforgettable impression. The Carpaccio Prawn Paella and Dry Aged Pluma Iberia and Joselito Ham Paella further elevated the dining experience, creating a seafood and meat lover’s paradise.

Garlic Prawns in Olive Oil, Garlic, and Chili added a spicy twist to the journey, while Grilled Squid and Spanish Picada offered a taste of the Mediterranean. The culinary symphony concluded with Spanish Croquettes with Joselito Iberian Ham, followed by Sliced Fruit Cake, providing a sweet finale to an extraordinary Spanish feast.

Kams Chinese Restaurant, a Michelin-rated establishment, unfolded a tapestry of oriental flavors. Marinated Eggs set the tone with a twist to the classic, and Cantonese Preserved Duck Egg offered a unique delicacy. Wonton Noodles and Jellyfish in Sesame Oil presented a noodle nirvana, the Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce was an ideal accompaniment, while BBQ Pork Siu showcased the skillful art of Chinese barbecue with charred perfection.

Next on my list was Tim HoWan, where I indulged in Hong Kong’s most famous dim sum. Baked BBQ Pork Buns, Rice Rolls, and Prawn and Pork Dumplings graced my palate, showcasing the artistry of traditional dim sum in a bustling atmosphere.

The final stop on my Bangkok culinary tour was Gold Curry, where professional eaters gather to attempt eating huge amounts of delicious curry in record time. The Omelet Stir-Fried with Beef and Curry Gravy was a Thai-Chinese fusion marvel, combining the best of both culinary worlds.

Conclusion: As my gastronomic tour of Bangkok unfolded, the city’s culinary prowess left me in awe. From the Spanish tapas extravaganza at Vaso to the Michelin-rated delights of Kams Chinese Restaurant and the fusion creations at Gold Curry, Bangkok proved to be a haven for food enthusiasts seeking a banquet of unique and unforgettable flavors.

After indulging in these culinary delights, I headed to Pattaya to enjoy the sea, eager to explore the next country.


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