State #16 (Vermont)

Continuing our epic journey up the scenic coast of Maine, we found ourselves enveloped by the soaring trees and a rare tranquility as the roads stretched before us, deserted and serene. Our destination? The border of Canada—the gateway to a whole new world of adventure and discovery.

Crossing into another country, we marveled at the novelty of our surroundings as we meandered through the enchanting streets of Saint John and New Brunswick. We paid a visit to the renowned Moosehead Brewery, where we immersed ourselves in the art of craft brewing and tasted flavors that danced upon our palates.

The allure of Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) beckoned, a place where time itself seemed to slow down, and we found ourselves journeying into the Atlantic Time Zone—an hour further east and a whopping 850 miles north of the vibrant heartbeat of New York City. We crossed The Confederation Bridge, a modern marvel spanning eight full miles and the longest bridge over ice-covered water in the world; with a toll of over fifty USD to cross. On this island of enchantment, we savored the iconic PEI oysters, a culinary delight that transported our taste buds to new heights.

As we ventured deeper into the rural countryside of PEI, the landscape unfolded before us like a picturesque painting—a testament to nature’s unyielding beauty. But time called us back, and we retraced our steps, arriving in Augusta, Maine, where we turned westward. The scenic beauty of Vermont’s Vernon welcomed us, before we headed back to western New York.

The journey continued, leading us to the vibrant city of Albany, NY, and to a heartwarming reunion with my brother, and then to Buffalo, where we stayed with my college best friend. Laughter echoed as we reminisced about old times, and a fun treat awaited us at a concert featuring legends from our youth—New Kids on the Block, En Vogue, Rick Astley, and Salt & Pepa. Seeing these icons performing live, decades after their heyday, was a surreal and joyful experience, taking us on a thrilling trip down memory lane.

In Buffalo, the home of Buffalo Wings, we couldn’t resist savoring this iconic delicacy that tantalized our taste buds. But the local treat “beef on weck” stole the show—slow-roasted beef, freshly carved, and served on a kummelweck roll, a culinary delight of which we savored with every bite.

Embracing the spirit of adventure, we camped under the stars at my friend’s place in Buffalo, making memories around the fireplace and cooking meals together. Each mile traveled, each new encounter, and every breathtaking vista woven into the fabric of our memories. Our expedition had been an odyssey of wonders, a symphony of flavors, and a journey of friendships reignited.

The road behind us was etched with the traces of our adventure. We carried the essence of this extraordinary voyage with us, a treasure trove of experiences that would forever inspire us to seek the unknown and embrace the wonders that await just beyond the horizon.

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