We decided to make a weekend getaway from Bempflingen, and headed out for some fun adventures. The road stretched out before us as our foursome embarked on a thrilling adventure through the German countryside. Behind the wheel of a rented Mercedes, we zoomed along the autobahn, our eyes feasting on the vibrant hues of cabbage fields, sunflowers dancing in the breeze, and corn and hops swaying in unison with the rhythm of the wind. Our destination? The captivating city of Rothenburg, a place where time seemed to stand still within its ancient wall that surrounded the entire city; a wall which has witnessed centuries of history since the city’s founding in 1274.

Accompanying us on this journey were two loyal companions, my hosts Labrador dogs. In Germany, dogs are revered as cherished members of the family, and they are welcome in most places. As we click-clacked our way through the old cobblestone streets, the city’s bustling energy surrounded us. Our senses were heightened as we ventured deeper into the heart of Rothenburg, guided by our desire to experience authentic German cuisine.

Our quest led us to a hidden gem called Zur Holl, a medieval tavern nestled in the shadows of the ancient wall. Its name, meaning “Hell,” was derived from the perpetual absence of sunlight in the long, narrow street where it stood. With eager anticipation, two of us entered the tavern, only to find a waitlist for a table. We faced the challenge of conveying our party size of four humans and two canine companions to the owner as I held up two fingers and said “Two Dogs”. His understanding nod reassured us that he knew what I meant. However, a few moments later, a waiter emerged, carrying two glasses of blackish beer and declared, “Your two DARKS.” Confusion ensued, as we tried to unravel the misunderstanding. Eventually, we were seated, dark beers and dogs included, ready to indulge in the flavors of Germany.

After a hearty dinner that satisfied our palates and nourished our spirits, we took to the streets once more, eager to explore the wonders of Rothenburg. As fate would have it, we stumbled upon a vibrant wine festival in the city center. Musicians filled the air with enchanting melodies, while over 70 regional wines awaited our eager taste buds. Tempting delicacies beckoned from small stands, teasing our senses with their aromas. It felt like stepping into a fairy tale, a scene so magical that I had to remind myself it was not a fabricated tourist attraction with an entrance fee and punched ticket. This was the real deal—an authentic experience that even Disney’s imagination couldn’t replicate.

As we reluctantly bid farewell to the lively festivities, the enchantment of Rothenburg lingered in our hearts. The city had painted a vivid picture of medieval Germany, weaving together history, culinary delights, and a sense of community. It was a reminder that true magic exists in the unscripted moments, where history dances hand in hand with modern-day celebrations. Rothenburg had captured our imaginations, leaving an indelible mark on our souls.

Here’s a short video of us driving on the German autobahn…

As we drove onward the next day, the Mercedes carrying us along the winding road, I couldn’t help but reflect on the adventures. Rothenburg had unlocked a door to a bygone era, inviting us to embrace the essence of a truly remarkable destination. It was a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary experiences are found in the unlikeliest of places, where history whispers its secrets and the present moment unfolds with a touch of enchantment.

Rothenburg, the real-life Magic Kingdom, had cast its spell upon us, and we knew that its memory would forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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