Sailing back across the Baltic Sea, my journey took me to Riga, Latvia—a city steeped in history waiting to be discovered.

As I explored the centuries-old town, I marveled at the unique steeples and diverse cultures that make each European city so enchanting. Riga seemed a bit quieter than its counterparts, with fewer tourists in sight.

Stepping into a brewery, I immediately sensed the rich history that permeated its walls. It was evident that this was a place where locals gathered to savor time-honored flavors. Surrounded by only a handful of patrons, I felt a sense of exclusivity as I settled in for a memorable lunch.  The meal began with a unique bread accompanied by fragrant oil for dipping. Then, a bowl of sauerkraut soup was presented before me, and its tangy aroma tickled, and the first spoonful had me craving more. Curiosity piqued, I eagerly awaited the main course—the chef’s special from Latvia. A plate arrived adorned with a cover, concealing a mystery that was about to be revealed. As the lid was lifted, a white meat delicacy coated in a light cream sauce emerged. Served alongside pickled onions, rye bread with delightful toppings, and fresh salad greens, I was presented with sliced bull testicles!

I was experiencing the joys of adventure travel…combined with adventurous eating. Satisfied with my meal, I requested the restaurant’s business card—a cherished memento of my culinary adventures and habit of mine for many years. The owner then invited me inside, he wanted to showcase his medium-scale brewery operation, a testament to the brewery’s commitment to crafting quality beverages. As we conversed, he couldn’t resist sharing his curiosity about my dining experience. In that moment, my lunch transformed into a whimsical memory—one that would elicit laughter and spark intriguing conversations for years to come. Embracing the spirit of adventure, I chuckled at the unexpected twist that Latvia had presented.

My journey to Riga, Latvia, led me to a unique lunch experience at a historic brewery. From the delightful sauerkraut soup to the chef’s special, this meal will forever hold a special place in my heart and palate. Latvian cuisine revealed its eccentric side, providing a tale to share with fellow adventurers. As I bid farewell to Riga, I carried with me not only fond memories but also a sense of wonder and excitement for the next chapter of my explorations.

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    Kevin Quinn says:

    I’m glad you liked the Rocky Mountain oysters. I hope the beer was good too.

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