States #46, 47, 48 (Oregon, California, Nevada).

Our Washington adventure had begun with a thrilling Seattle Mariners baseball game that left us on the edge of our seats, and a captivating tour of the iconic Space Needle that allowed us to touch the skies. However, our appetite for exploration was far from satisfied, so we set out to unravel more of what Seattle had to offer.

Pike Place was our next stop, a bustling hub of culture where history and modernity intertwine seamlessly. As we wandered through its vibrant alleys, we couldn’t resist a visit to the very first Starbucks, a pilgrimage for any coffee enthusiast. Our taste buds danced at the Old Stove Brewery, where we savored local flavors that painted a portrait of the region’s culinary spirit.

The waterfront area whispered tales of maritime adventures, and the Amazon Spheres stood as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature within the urban jungle. These three magnificent spherical conservatories, nestled in the heart of the city, transported us to a realm of greenery and serenity. While downtown, we checked out the gum wall – an alleyway filled with chewed gum! Gross but also very artistic in its own way. We also enjoyed some great pho and watched the fishmongers toss their fish at the iconic flying fish market.

One magical evening, we hopped onto the monorail for a musical escapade. The destination? The Seattle Center to see a sensational show featuring not one, but three sensational bands: the melodic harmonies of The Velveteers, Band of Horses and the electrifying beats of The Black Keys. The music swept us off our feet, making for an unforgettable night.

After a trip to Forks, famous as the location for the movie Twilight, we left the enchanting state of Washington behind, our journey took us to Palouse Falls, a breathtaking cascade that reminded us of nature’s sheer grandeur.

Driving in Washington State
Palouse Falls

A dear cousin of Amanda’s awaited us in Bend, Oregon, where warm hospitality embraced us. Amidst shared family dinners and jovial game nights, we found comfort in the company of cherished companions. Our hosts even extended their kindness to practical matters like laundry, making us feel truly at home.

Continuing our expedition, we found ourselves beneath the majestic presence of Mount Shasta in California.

A visit to Redding provided a celestial experience as we lay beneath the stars, connecting with the universe in a profound way. Lake Tahoe’s crystal-clear waters mirrored the skies above, a haven of tranquility amidst the rugged landscape of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Nevada marked the grand finale of our journey through the contiguous United States, and Reno welcomed us with its vibrant energy. As Amanda embarked on the emotional trial for the loss of her beloved son, I prepared for my imminent flight to Asia, where a new chapter awaited me on a different continent.

From the heights of the Space Needle to the depths of Palouse Falls, from the melodies of iconic bands to the solemnity of courtrooms, our adventure was an odyssey of experiences and emotions. As we left the western states behind, our hearts brimmed with gratitude for the tapestry of memories we had woven. The road ahead was uncertain, yet its promise beckoned us forward, to new horizons and new horizons of the soul. We had completed an epic four-month long road trip to every state on mainland America!

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