Embarking on an overnight cruise from Norway to Denmark offered me the opportunity to witness the beauty of the sea and explore new territories. As I boarded the stunning Fjordline cruise ship, I eagerly headed to my assigned cabin, only to find it unmade and untidy from the previous occupants. The reception staff were quick to address the issue and assured me that my room would be ready within half an hour. To make up for the inconvenience, they kindly offered me an espresso along with a delectable double chocolate muffin. The friendly gesture immediately put me at ease and set the tone for a pleasant journey.

Upon reaching Denmark, I ventured towards the remote train station located at the northernmost point of the country. The humble station consisted of a mere platform and a ticket kiosk, creating a serene and off-the-beaten-path ambiance. As I waited for the train, I found myself in the company of two non-English-speaking cyclists and a group of Asian tourists who were seeking guidance from me on how to purchase a ticket from the small kiosk. It was a unique experience to be the one offering assistance, having become more acquainted with European travel. Together, we patiently awaited the train’s arrival, which took approximately an hour. Finally, we boarded the train, embarking on a scenic journey that would take us through the entire country of Denmark and into Germany. Just a few days later, Denmark closed their borders going into Germany due to the migrant crisis, so I was fortunate to have left when I did.

The Berlin Wall came down in 1990 a few years after Ronald Reagans “tear down this wall” speech.  During my time in Berlin, I made it a point to visit Checkpoint Charlie, an iconic border crossing that was once the geographical focal point between East and West Berlin. This historical landmark witnessed numerous demonstrations, escape attempts, and even confrontations between American and Russian tanks. As an American traveler, I was affectionately referred to as “Indiana” by the guards posing at the checkpoint, a humorous reference to the Indiana Jones character from the movies. It was a surreal experience to stand at the very spot where history unfolded and to observe a fragment of the original Berlin Wall. I checked out a piece of the original wall and chatted up the crossing guards.

From a cruise filled with hospitality to assisting fellow travelers at a remote train station, my journey from Norway to Denmark was brimming with memorable encounters and historical exploration. These moments remind us that travel encompasses not only the physical destinations but also the human connections and cultural encounters that shape our journeys. Always embrace the surprises along the way, for they often lead to the most remarkable and enriching experiences.

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