Exploring foreign countries is an exciting experience filled with new discoveries and unexpected similarities. Even a trip to the grocery store can be an adventure, as you navigate through aisles of unfamiliar products and attempt to decipher labels in foreign languages. You can travel to foreign countries and figure things out.  Sure everything is different, but you can discover the similarities that allow you to get by.  For example, I browsed a grocery store in Norway where everything was different…but the same. You need to clarify some things – for example, I really like milk, so I always motion that I am going to drink the milk I am buying to make sure it’s not something else because I have made the mistake before and bought creamer thinking it was milk.  While perusing the shelves, I stumbled upon a range of intriguing condiments that I hadn’t encountered back home in the United States. One standout discovery was tubes of spreadable caviar—an acquired taste that either delights or divides taste buds. The shopping trip was a reminder that culinary experiences can be as diverse as the people who enjoy them. While it might be difficult for someone following certain dietary restrictions, the average person can get by pretty well.  Grocery stores provide a glimpse into the local culture and offer a delightful array of products that celebrate regional tastes. As I roamed the aisles, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the vibrant packaging and diverse offerings. From traditional delicacies to international treats, these stores are a treasure trove of surprises. Exploring the shelves allowed me to appreciate the rich culinary heritage of Norway and its neighboring countries and was a practice I would repeat many times over in countries yet to be discovered.

So, as you embark on your travels, remember to embrace the small and delightful surprises that await you in grocery aisles around the world. After all, it’s the small stuff that adds the flavor to our journeys.

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