I next took a train to the west coast of Norway from Oslo and noticed the train seemingly to be continually going up. At one stop, the doors opened, and I saw snow! A moment of panic ensued as I realized I was ill-prepared for such wintry conditions. However, the train continued its journey through the snow-covered mountains of Myrdal, where adventurers geared up for a thrilling experience on the Rallar Road track. This scenic route winds its way down from the high mountain region, passing through alpine areas and snow-capped peaks, past natural habitats of arctic foxes and wild reindeer, to the valley towns far below. My train rode thru it all.

Upon arriving in Bergen and away from the snowy mountains, I found myself captivated by the small-town atmosphere that enveloped the city. Nestled at the base of seven mountains and serving as the gateway to the fjords, Bergen exuded a unique charm. Cobblestone streets, wooden houses, and an abundance of flowers adorned every corner, creating a picturesque setting. As I strolled through the Hanseatic fish market wharf, the scents of the sea mingled with the bustling activity. The market offered an array of delicacies from the ocean, and I indulged in fresh fjord prawns, eager to savor the flavors of the region.

Embracing my penchant for adventurous eating, I decided to try a whale meat sandwich, curious about the flavors this unconventional delicacy would offer. Sliced like roast beef and presented on a bun with traditional accompaniments, the sandwich appeared like a typical western-style beef dish. However, with the first bite, the distinct taste of the sea permeated my senses, providing a memorable culinary experience that challenged my expectations. Although it wasn’t to my liking, it added an intriguing twist to my gastronomic adventures.

To immerse myself fully in Bergen’s ambiance, I borrowed a bike from the hotel and pedaled along the harbor front. The picturesque views of sleek boats, bustling seafood stands, and iconic wooden houses painted a vibrant picture of this coastal city.

Unexpectedly, I stumbled upon a lively festival, where a Norwegian rapper was warming up the crowd with his energetic performance. It was a delightful encounter, showcasing the city’s vibrant cultural scene and the warm spirit of its people.

My journey from Oslo to Bergen presented a tapestry of experiences that encapsulated the beauty and charm of Norway. From the awe-inspiring train ride through snow-capped mountains to the quaint streets and bustling fish market.  My culinary adventures and chance encounters added a touch of whimsy to my exploration, making this trip another unforgettable experience. Foot note: I skipped the world’s only leprosy museum. Maybe next time. Plus, it cost an arm and a leg to get in.

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