States #17, 18, 19, and 20 (Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee)

Our road trip continued with a stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city known for its numerous bridges and vibrant arts scene. We explored its rich history, strolling along the picturesque riverfront, before heading up to Grandview Avenue, a road which offers uniqe vantage points of the city below.   

Continuing our journey southward, we made our way through the charming state of Kentucky. Known for its bourbon distilleries and rolling hills, the scenic drives through the countryside were a treat for the eyes.

Our road trip brought us to the quaint towns of Youngstown, Ohio, and Morgantown, West Virginia. These lesser-known destinations surprised us with their vibrant local culture and welcoming communities. We immersed ourselves in the local charm, exploring unique landmarks and enjoying the warmth of small-town hospitality within these hidden gems along the way.

Arriving in Richmond, Kentucky, we were awestruck by the city’s perfect blend of history and modernity. From historical monuments and museums to trendy neighborhoods and craft breweries, Richmond offered a diverse range of experiences.

Heading back to the Carolinas, we explored local landmarks like the world’s largest fire hydrant and the world’s largest dresser, adding some fun to our trip as we headed to visit friends in Columbia, South Carolina. We dined on unique cuisine, savoring the flavors of the region.

Our journey took a tranquil turn as we headed to western South Carolina to hike in the woods and experience the awe-inspiring “Pretty Place” – the Fred Symmes Chapel atop Standing Stone Mountain. The views of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains left us speechless, reminding us of the grandeur of Mother Nature.

Our road trip took us next to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, bustling tourist destinations nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. Amidst the thrills of the vibrant cities, we had an unexpected encounter with a wild mother bear and her adorable cubs foraging for food – a truly unforgettable moment that reminded us of the untamed beauty of the wilderness.

Our adventurous road trip through the heartland of America was an incredible journey of exploration, connection, and natural wonders. From vibrant cities to serene mountains, from mouthwatering cuisine to heartwarming reunions, this road trip continued to be a kaleidoscope of experiences. As we journeyed onward, we carried with us cherished memories and a profound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our vast country and the captivating landscapes that make America so extraordinary.

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